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Experts have reported on n the future of the production of drones in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - In the future Kazakhstan plans to establish the production line of unmanned aerial vehicles. One of the plants could be a joint venture with Russian group of companies "Geoskan", which produces unmanned aerial photographic systems. 

This option is being considered by “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” in the frame of “Geoskan” seminar in Astana. In turn, the Russian company offers several ways for cooperation. 

"Export is possible already 10 of our machines are working in Kazakhstan in urban planning and agriculture. Another option: here will be delivered not ready equipment, but spare elements, perhaps it will be a joint venture. Of course, the potential of Kazakhstan is very high - 20% of Russian, given that the area is large. Also joint provision of services is being considered (...) Images- are sensitive information, which naturally has to remain on the territory of Kazakhstan. Therefore it’s possible that we are together with our partner "Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary" will provide services for obtaining information about Kazakhstan ", - said Deputy General Director of LLC" Geoskan "Pavel Stepanov during a demonstration flight of one of the vehicles. 

Through aerial imagery, you can create highly accurate maps including three-dimensional. They required to solve a large number of tasks: the urban planning, cartography, cadastre, agriculture. 

Apart from specifically modeled for the drone camera, the aircraft precision geodetic receiver is installed on board. The resulting 3D-dimension allows for analysis of the area and, accordingly, take town planning solution, to determine the fertility of the soil, make plans or maps. It is virtually a flying geodetic receiver. 

According to the vice-president of space technologies of JSC "NC" KGS "Aidyn Aimbetov, yesterday and today, the Kazakh company was considering technology of Russian partners. Currently, in some areas agreement is reached and has a mutual understanding. 

Learning to control such drones is easy; it can be used by absolutely any enterprise, assured P.Stepanov. The cost of the aircraft is 1 million 400 rubles, or about 7 million tenge.



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