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Russians are making images of Astana using drones

ASTANA.KAZINFORM. – Acquired through aerophotoimaging the 3D map of Astana could be a large opening for local authorities. Modern technologies will enable not only to create an attractive view, evaluate touristic attractiveness of the capital but to help in security issues as well. 

“Geoskan” group of companies which manufactures unmanned aerophotoimaging complexes is planning to acquire images of the part of Astana to create a 3D map of the city. 

Images will be presented during the interregional forum on the 4th of October in the capital of Kazakhstan, where participation of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev and President of Russia Vladimir Putin is expected, said to “Kazinform” journalist marketing deputy head of Russian company Mikhail Barabash. 

According to his saying, it is planned not only to make images of the part of Astana, but the whole city, and other key cities of Kazakhstan. He noted, that 3D images needed not only to show a beautiful picture and for development of tourism, and for city administration. During emergency situations city authorities could immediately see on the 3D map where the problem is and determine a responsible person. 

“This is also used in design and construction. Using images it is possible to view the required area and understand, which utilities are crossing, in general is it allowed to construct or not” – noted M.Barabash 

If the agreement will be reached, images will be provide to a mayor for a defined price. 

“If no, images will not be used anyway. First of all, here we were granted a permission from enforcement structure, National security committee, now we are awaiting the approval from the Security service of the President of Kazakhstan. License for geodesy and mapping is available” – said M.Barabash. 



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