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Kazcosmos shares its experience of creating the space industry with the UAE

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Kazcosmos delegation at the head of Chairman of the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Investments and Development (ASC MID) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Advisor to the Prime Minister of the RK on civil aviation and space activities Talgat Mussabayev is on business trip in Abu-Dhabi. 

According to the information of Kazcosmos media office, the Kazakhstan delegation consisting of Chairman of the ASC MID RK and Top Managers of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary», the JSC «Republican Center of Space Communications» has met with Chairman of Space Agency of the United Arab Emirates Dr. Khalifa Mohammed Al Rumaithi yesterday. 

In the course of negotiations the issues on the development of cooperation between the space agencies of two countries in areas such as space research, The Earth remote sensing, the global satellite navigation, use of space infrastructure, creation of spacecrafts and integrated parts, the rendering and use of launch services. 

The Chairman of the UAE Space Agency Dr. Khalifa Al Rumaithi made the point the existing of great potential for mutual beneficial cooperation between the two friendly countries.  «We appreciate the achievements of independent Kazakhstan on creation of advanced space systems and are ready to adopt a positive experience in the creation of space industry», - he said addressing to T.Mussabayev.

Dr. Khalifa Al Rumaithi informed the Kazakhstan guests on the preparation of regulatory legal acts which regulates the activity for the first time space agency created in the UAE. 

On his part the Chairman of Kazcosmos Talgat Mussabayev familiarized the Arab colleagues with results of creation of space communication systems, the Earth remote sensing and navigation in Kazakhstan, and with a progress of Kazakhstan scientists on design of space technology and techniques as well.    

At the end of the meeting the Parties agreed to shortly sign a new Memorandum of Cooperation between the two relevant agencies in the field of exploration and peaceful uses of outer space. 

Within the visit UAE the Kazcosmos delegation will also take a part in the XIII International Conference on Astronomy and Space Science to be held 11-12 March, 2015 in Dubai noted the Kazcosmos media office. 

The Cooperation between the Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates in the field of space is developing dynamically.  

The first satellite «Dubai Sat-1» was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in 2009. 

The Agreement between the National Space Agency of the RK and the UAE Institution for Advanced Science and Technology on cooperation in the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space was signed in Dubai on 14 November, 2011. 

The General Director of the UAE Institution for Advanced Science and Technology Mr.Yousuf Alshaibani arrived in Astana on a working visit September 4-5, 2014, who also stressed the need for cooperation between our countries in the field of space industry.

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