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The Address of the President of the country – main programme document for the development of the space activities of Kazakhstan

On 14 February 2017 in the Ministry of defense and the aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan chaired by the head of the Ministry B. B. Atamkulov was held a meeting on discussion of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev  to the people of Kazakhstan "the Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" on January 31, 2017. 

The meeting reviewed all steps in the implementation of the Third modernization of Kazakhstan aimed at creating a new model of economic growth, ensuring global competitiveness of the country. 

In his speech, B. B. Atamkulov paid attention to the five main priorities identified in the Message, including questions for urgent and effective steps in the activities of the organizations under the Ministry. 

To President's address was devoted  the second agenda item of the meeting refered to the results of activities of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" in 2016", which was held on 10 February 2017. 

The key areas of the President's address relating specifically to the activities of the company and about the work that has to be done in implementing the President's instructions was defined in a main report by  the Vice-President of the general affairs  Nurseitov Yerbolsyn. 

With words of support for the President's address was made a speech by  the Vice-President for space technology A. A. Aimbetov and corporate Secretary of the company C. K. Kozhakhmetov. 

Of the five main priorities of the programme document, the head of JSC "NC "KGS" Yergazy Nurgaliyev emphasized the first priority is the accelerated technological modernization of the economy. 

“We are talking about the fact that the Head of state noted the need to develop the country's promising sectors, including digital services. All projects of JSC "NC "KGS" based on digital services, including the services provided by Earth remote sensing satellites ERS SS", - he said. 

"The government is mandated to take and develop a separate program, "Digital Kazakhstan", to adapt legislation to the new realities, to keep under special control the issues of development of IT-sphere. The development of the digital industry should provide impetus to all other branches. 

In this regard, the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of defense and the aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with JSC "NC "KGS" initiated the project "national spatial data infrastructure" (hereinafter refered to – NSDI), within framework of the State program "Digital Kazakhstan". 

The implementation of the NSDI project will provide an effective Foundation for building the National geoinformational system and other service projects of the program "Digital Kazakhstan", which corresponds to the tasks of  the Head of the state. 

All five priorities of the state’s main programme document is an urgent task not only for the whole country, but specifically  the whole team, each employee of our team," - said the President of the company. 

In closing remarks, Yergazy Nurgaliyev pointed the President's words: "Only those nations who manage to get ahead of the future and decisively  face the challenges and not stand and wait are the winners". 

"It is not about standing and waiting but acting, being aware  of the importance of the participation of each specialist in the activities of JSC "NC "KGS",- said the head of the company.





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