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Children’s film studio released a movie about kazakhstan space sphere

Студия  детского кино выпустила фильм о казахстанском космосе

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Today HitTV channel translated movie "Space", made by the children's film Studio "Kinokio", the correspondent of IIA "Kazinform". 

Art Director, the author of the project, Director and member of the Union of cinematographers of Kazakhstan, actor Marat Sarsenbayev informed us about this art project. 

"Our viewers are familiar with the project "Kinokio" due to short movies with children, in which you can take a glance at the way kids see the world of adults. In other words, this project is not only about the lives of our children, but all who our younger generation gets in contact with. We are interested in teenager, as the little man and with his inner world, perseverance and persistence to overcome obstacles he faces on the way to the goal," says the Director. 

As it turned out, during its existence since 2009, "Kinokio" released on Kazakhstan TVs more than 500 short movies. Initially the project was conceived as humorous, which was laid funny stories of Kazakhstan children of school age. But in recent years the "Kinokio" more and more was given to social issues, education of children, training them in vocational guidance. 

Студия  детского кино выпустила фильм о казахстанском космосе

"Space theme has been always exciting to mankind. And children are a small model of humanity. And we wanted to work with children on the topic of the future of Kazakhstan space. Since many boys want to become cosmonauts, in our movie we tried to tell the children that in the space field there are professions that are not less interesting than cosmonauts. It's the engineers and designers of space technology who are engaged in ZD modeling, assembling satellites, the experts who operate the spacecrafts, conducting space monitoring of the Earth, doing amazing space images", - said Art Director of the Studio Marat Sarsenbayev. 

It should be noted that shooting TV story about the Kazakhstan space was conducted on the basis of the National space centre in Astana with the assistance of employees of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary", which "Kinokio" expressed their gratitude to.

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