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In 10 years Kazakhstan has taken real steps on the way of creation of space industry - Talgat Mussabayev

 За 10 лет Казахстан сделал реальные шаги на пути создания космической отрасли - Талгат Мусабаев

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Exactly 10 years ago, March 27, 2007, the National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) was created by the Decree of the President of RK, the correspondent of INA "Kazinform" reports. 

Two weeks after the publication of this Decree by the Head of State, pilot-cosmonaut of RK, national hero of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Khalyk Kakharmany of the Republic of Kazakhstan), now an Adviser to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Talgat Mussabayev was appointed as Chairman of the NSA RK by the Decree of the Government of the RK. 

Talgat Amangeldiyevich remembers that the decision on creation of independent public authority of management in the field of space activity has been made by the Head of state. "In December, 2006  I was on reception at the President and instead of scheduled 10 minutes according to the Minutes of our meeting was prolonged nearly 2 hours. Nursultan Abishevich set a concrete task on creation of a national space industry. And a few months later a Decree on formation the National Space Agency of Kazakhstan that is directly subordinated to the Government has been issued. This high status of Kazkosmos helped us to solve many important issues in cooperation with space agencies of the world"  said T. Mussabayev. 

In the opinion of Talgat Mussabayev, the absence of a single governing body for the state space program led to the fact that there was no unified strategy for the development of space activities, coordination of work in various areas. With creation of NSA for Kazkosmos the goal ahs been set by the President of the country: to create modern and self-sufficient space industry in Kazakhstan. 

As experts and Kazkosmos's partners consider, in 10 years Kazakhstan has passed the way equal to several decades for many countries developing the space branch in development of space activity. 

"We had two alternative ways of development of domestic space infrastructure based on experience of the international cooperation. The first way involves the purchase of ready target space systems and services abroad for the purpose of their further exploitation. At the same time, the state does not acquire practical experience and does not develop basic space infrastructure. This way of development allows us to quickly move to the exploitation of targeted space systems without requiring huge investments in the ground production infrastructure, but, at the same time, has an insignificant multiplier effect on the economy and the export potential of the state. 

The second way of development involves creation of own land and production space infrastructure. This way of development differs in long term, demands presence of a certain reserve on land infrastructure, a transfer of technologies, and also considerable state investments. Presence of its own developed production and experimental base and means of launching spacecraft that characterizes the state as a full-fledged space nation. "We chose the second way", - said Talgat Mussabayev. 

Today, Kazkosmos operates six enterprises that provide the creation and operation of satellite systems, a missile system, the creation of space vehicles and modern space technologies, the development of space science and research, the environmental safety of space launches and the maintenance of the Baikonur space center facilities. 

"If we talk briefly about the results, then within a decade two orbital groups of the spacecrafts of Kazakhstan have been created, started and put into operation: it is group from two spacecrafts of communication "Kazsat-2", "Kazsat-3" and group from two spacecrafts of the remote sensing of Earth (RSE) of "KazEOSat-1", "KazEOSat-2". Constructed and successfully operating objects of land space infrastructure - complexes of management of the space communication system "Kazsat",  the ERS space system, high accuracy satellite navigation system (HSNS). A new round was given to space science with the creation of the National Center for Space Research and Technology (NCSRT). The international cooperation in a research and use of space for peaceful purposes has been established with more than ten leading space powers of the world. A lot of work was done to introduce into our work the Law "On Space Activities in the RK". And most importantly, a qualified staff nucleus of the scientific and engineering staff of the space industry enterprises was formed. Our experts - Kazakhstan scientists, engineers and constructors have been trained at the leading space companies from Russia, Ukraine, France and the UK. With the flight of Aydin Aimbetov into space, Kazakhstan has become one of the few countries that have three or more domestic cosmonauts, "said the former Head of Kazkosmos. 

Due to the reform of public administration in RK, in August, 2014  NSA has been transformed to Space Committee (SC) of the created Ministry for Investments and Development (MID) of RK. 

On January 20, 2016 Talgat Mussabayev has been appointed as an Adviser to the President of Kazakhstan. 

As T. Mussabayev considers, Kazkosmos with change of the status doesn't lose the face, also consistently continues work on creation of space industry of the country. 

Since October 2016, Aerospace Committee has passed under the wing of the new Ministry of Defense and Space Industry (MDAI) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "We with the Minister Nurlan Ermekbayev took personal part in development of the concept of MDAI as this command of time - introduction of space technologies in economy, defensive and industrial sector of the state, safety of the country", - the Adviser to the President of Kazakhstan Talgat Mussabayev has emphasized. 

The Head of state has set the task to Kazakhstan by 2030 to expand its niche on the world market for space services and bring to fruition a number of current projects. It was about the Assembly, integration and testing complex of spacecrafts in Astana the construction of which should be completed in 2018. The Earth remote sensing space system, national system of space monitoring and land infrastructure, and high accuracy satellite navigation system are already operating and functioning. 

"I fully support the words of the President of the country: "What is tested in space can't be done on the earth. By gathering all experience of a research, scientists make big discoveries on the earth. Therefore any money which the state spends to space, they pay off. The whole world competes in it". And our Kazakhstan, which aims to become one of the 30 most developed countries of the world, is not exception," - said in conclusion, T. Mussabayev.
The Adviser to the President of Kazakhstan has congratulated all space specialists with significant date and has wished them further success.

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