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Space image of Ili and Balkhash has been published in «National Geographic Kazakhstan» journal.

Снимок Или и Балхаша из космоса опубликован в журнале «National Geographic Қазақстан»

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – The correspondent of INA «Kazinform» reports that Management of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» has signed Memorandum on co-operation with «National Geographic Kazakhstan» journal some months ago in the frame of the International workshop «Space days in Kazakhstan». 

The first result of this work was published in a recent issue of the journal in a material devoted to a special expedition to study the Ili River and Balkhash Lake. 

A place with amazing nature which is rarely found in the world is located 300 km from Almaty city. According to the opinion of scientists if the delta of the Ili River is low, the Balkhash Lake can repeat the tragedy of the Aral Sea.  

As a Head of the Ground dedicated complex Division of the Earth Remote Sensing Space System Center (Center of the ERS SS) of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» Gulzhiyan Kabdulova told our Agency that before the space image is ready, it goes through several stages of processing.      

Снимок Или и Балхаша из космоса опубликован в журнале «National Geographic Қазақстан»

First of all, photogrammetric processing of images from «KazEOS-2» satellite of medium resolution (6.5 m) in the amount of 140 scenes was carried out. 

Each scene was 77 by 77 km in size which is totally about 300 000 square kilometers of space imagery. Further, engineers of photogrammetric processing group of ERS data created mosaic sewing all 140 scenes into a single whole.   

Different seasonable images, imagery period is spring-autumn 2016 have been used in the work. «Our Center of the ERS SS performs including the pilot projects for different countries and will also increase the demand around the world for Kazakhstan images of our ERS Kazakhstan satellites KazEOSat-1 with a high spatial resolution (1 m) and KazEOSat-2 with medium resolution of 6.5 meters», - noted G. Kabdulova.

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Space days in Kazakhstan
International seminar “Space days in Kazakhstan”, which is organized by JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” is devoted to the creation and operation of the Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ERS SS RK). The objective of the seminar: exchange of experience with the world leaders in ERS systems, informing of large public about possibility to apply products and services of ERS SS and HSNS of the Republic of Kazakhstan to solve industry problems of the economy of Kazakhstan.
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