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Aidyn Aimbetov: The boundaries is not seen from the space

Айдын Аимбетов: Из космоса не видно границ

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – A meeting with the Kazakhstan cosmonaut, Halyk Kaharmany Aidyn Aimbetov was held at the Republican school «Zhas ulan» named after Sagadat Nurmagambetov reported correspondent of INA «Kazinform». 

At these April days Mr.Aimbetov Aidyn did not have a minute of free time - a lot of interviews for the mass media organization on the eve of cosmonautic, negotiations, speeches, besides the hard work of Vice-president of leading space company «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary». 

But in order to meet with the «zhasulans», the major-general of aviation of Kazakhstan Mr.Aimbetov came without delay: the word of an officer! 

Pupils of militia school have been entirely prepared for the reception of the famous compatriot, 545th cosmonauts of the world: a video about space flight, questions, concert program.    

Айдын Аимбетов: Из космоса не видно границ

Future officers were interested in various questions: how to become a cosmonaut, what are the sensations in flight, what is cosmonaut doing now, would he like to fly again into space? 

Sharing sensations of space flight, Mr.Aimbetov Aidyn noted: «There are no any borders in the space, neither terrestrial, no human. International crews gathering together for «evening tea», feel themselves to be people of Earth, descendants of one Earth planet. None borders on our beautiful living planet are visible from space. If this picture of the unity, life and peace of our Earth were seen by politicians, I believe they would have done everything to avoid wars and conflicts».  
Kazakhstan cosmonaut advised the Ulan pupils who are willing to become a cosmonauts, not to change their dream, get good knowledge, strengthen their spirit and body, and keep the honor and dignity of the officer intact.   

Айдын Аимбетов: Из космоса не видно границ

Mr.Aimbetov Aidyn who is currently working for the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» as a Vice-President told the pupils of the school «Zhas ulan» about the use of modern space technologies in everyday life. «When I took pictures of the Earth in space flight, I did not yet know that I would be engaged in space imagery on Earth».  The National Company «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» is engaged in space monitoring, the Earth remote sensing with the help of two satellites, and I supervise this work», - told Mr.Aimbetov. 

Айдын Аимбетов: Из космоса не видно границ

Pupils of secondary school № 35 of Karaganda city, veterans of Karaganda aeroclub, and the heads of the literary association «Magnit» from Temirtau town arrived in Astana city to meet with cosmonaut Aimbetov A.  And a well-known poetess in the region, local history expert of Karaganda region Tatyana Romashikhina  - Kravtsova presented for cosmonaut her new poetic collection which has dedications to all three Kazakhstan cosmonauts      

«They are planet’s faithful sons, they are its honored children.
The steep is not enough for them  - galaxies are needed towards to the aspiring rocket. 
At the call of ancestors, the descendants and heirs of the batyrs burst into space.                              
Filling the sheet by its fate with autograph of star commanders»... 

«The fact is that the cadet class of Karaganda secondary school № 35  was awarded the rank of cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov, and we organized a meeting of cadets with cosmonaut at the school «Zhas Ulan», - told a Director of Karaganda Museum of aviation and cosmonautics, an honor of education Magrifa Karibekova.     

The Deputy head of «Zhas Ulan» school, the head of the training department Lieutenant Colonel Khamit Baikenov expressed his gratitude to cosmonaut Aimbetov Aidyn and the organizer of the meeting Magrifa Karibekova for this space lesson.    

«This meeting with the Folk Hero was very informative not only in the educational, but also in the patriotic, spiritual plan», - he noted.

Айдын Аимбетов: Из космоса не видно границ

Айдын Аимбетов: Из космоса не видно границ

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