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The delegation of Sweden visited the National Space Center

In the frame of the official visit of the Parliament Speaker of the Kingdom of Sweden Urban Ahlin (Urban Ahlin) to Kazakhstan, the Swedish delegation visited the National Space Center in Astana city. 

The delegation included individual members of Parliament, as well as President of the Swedish Space Corporation Stefan Gardefjord and General Director of the Swedish Space Council Olle Norberg. 

The Minister of Defence and Aerospace Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.Atamkulov acquainted the representatives of the delegation with the directions of the Ministry activity concerning the development of domestic space activities. The work of the space communication system «KazSat»  and Earth remote sensing (ERS) «КazEOSat»,  High accuracy satellite navigation system (HSNS) has been demonstrated for delegation.   

During the meeting the Swedish side proposed a cooperation in the Earth remote sensing and HSNS system for the MDAI RK, in particular, the entrance of Kazakhstan ground based ERS data acquisition stations into the Swedish network of «PrioraNet» stations.   

«PrioraNet» is the largest network of ground based stations in the world, which was created specifically to provide comprehensive communications and terrestrial support for the ERS satellites. 

«PrioraNet» consists of the main stations belonging to the Swedish Space Council, and partner stations located around the world. All ground based stations operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The network of ground stations "PrioraNet" provides the needs of consumers around the globe. 

Besides, foreign partners offered services for receiving, processing and distribution of the ERS images from «KazEOSat-1» and «KazEOSat-2» spacecrafts in Sweden through the satellites control ground-based stations located in the Arctic. 

Top Managers of the Swedish space organizations expressed readiness to place orders for the future Assembly, Integration and Testing Complex of Spacecrafts in Astana and discussed the possibility of launching Kazakhstan spacecraft into the Earth orbits from the Swedish cosmodrome «Esrange». 

In response, Urban Alin thanked the Kazakh side for the reception and noted that Kazakhstan has achieved high results in the development of the space industry during the years of Independence 

At the end of the meeting, the Parties agreed to continue work on establishing further cooperation. In the near future, the working group of the Aerospace Committee of the MDAI RK will be sent to Sweden for detailed study of the implementation of joint projects. 




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