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MDAI RK has developed a number of initiatives in the frame of the third modernization of Kazakhstan economy

In March 2017, by order of Head of State the Program for the third modernization of Kazakhstan economy was launched.  Its purpose is to twofold increase the GDP growth rates of the country by 2025.  

In order to implement this task, the Central Headquarter for the implementation of initiatives «The third modernization of Kazakhstan economy» was established under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of RK, and the Headquarters of Ministries have been created as well, where the Project Offices have been allocated in the directions.    

So far, the Project Office for the Aerospace direction has developed a number of initiative that will make the utmost contribution to the development of gross value added of the industry.  

There are among them: 

• «Diversification of production through the production of industrial production»;
• «Completion of construction and certification of Assembly, integration and testing complex of spacecrafts»;
• «Creation and putting into operation the space communication system «KazSat-2R»; «Replacement of «KazEOSat-1» and «KazEOSat-2» satellites»;
• «Entry into international group of the Earth remote sensing «OptiSAR». 

In the frame of Roadmap developed by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, these initiative are planned to be reviewed on expedited basis at meetings of the special Commission. 

For example, the expected results and indicators of OptiSAR Project based on the joint business-plan  with the Canadian company UrtheCast are aimed at ensuring of export earning sufficient to return the initial investment and receipt revenues for the construction of new satellites.  In this regard, it is planned to conclude a Contract with UrtheCast for the implementation of this Project for the purpose of further joint operation of satellite group and occupying a niche in the international market in the near future.      

The stage of the implementation of approved initiatives has begun from June 12 of current year. In this regards, in order to achieve the target indicators on proposed initiatives, the work of state bodies and stakeholders is conducted in an enhanced mode.

The Project «Creation of the Earth Remote Sensing Space System of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
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The Project «Creation of the Ground based Infrastructure of High-accuracy Satellite Navigation System»
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The Project «Creation of the Assembly and Testing Complex of the Engineering and Design Office of Space Technology» (ATC)
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TK 66
The Technical Committee of Standardization
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Space days in Kazakhstan
International seminar “Space days in Kazakhstan”, which is organized by JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” is devoted to the creation and operation of the Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ERS SS RK). The objective of the seminar: exchange of experience with the world leaders in ERS systems, informing of large public about possibility to apply products and services of ERS SS and HSNS of the Republic of Kazakhstan to solve industry problems of the economy of Kazakhstan.
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