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KazEOSat-1 Kazakhstan ERS satellite fixed the natural disasters
ASTANA.KAZINFORM – KazEOSat-1 Kazakhstan Earth remote sensing satellite (ERS) made a space image of Kalbuko volcano in Chile.

Nowadays the Kalbuko is one of the active volcanoes in South Chilean Andes, the last volcanic eruption occurred in April 30, 2015. 

According to the data of Chilean National Geology and Mining Service, the highest red-level of dangerous is fixed around the volcano.   

People were evacuated 20 kilometers zone around the volcano. According to the experts’ opinion the seismic activity of Kalbuko can last during a few weeks.  

In the area of volcanic eruption a lot of flights in the international Aero companies were cancelled.

«Space images play a critical part in the event of volcanic eruptions giving the monitoring opportunity of disaster area», - said a Director of ERS Center of the JSC «NC«Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» Aidar Kuatbayev. 

The image of forest fires in Buryatia (Russia) was made by KazEOSat-1 satellite on 13 May. Over three thousand hectares of the forest are on fire in the Republic. The area of fire was increased twice as large just for 24 hours. Over five hundred people and more than one hundred equipments are fought against fire in the Republic. The region has the regime of emergency.

«The forest fires present a permanent threat for population places in the North of Kazakhstan and much of Russia from spring until autumn. On the base of KazEOSat-1 and KazEOSat-2 satellites the geoinformation system will allow firefighters to prevent the fires, determine the distance to front during the fires and implement the evacuation strategy of population», - noted А.Kuatbayev.


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