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Talgat Mussabayev told about plans and perspectives of the development of space industry in Kazakhstan.

MOSCOW.KAZINFORM – There are already 3 Kazakh cosmonauts, I think that is not the end of list with Kazakh cosmonauts. That’s opinion of the Chairman of the Aerospace committee of the Ministry of investment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Talgat Mussabayev in the frame of the official meeting with the crew of ISS-43/44 and EP-18 which includes Russian cosmonaut, head of the mission to ISS Gennady Padalka and crew members – Kazakh cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov and first Denmark cosmonaut Andreas Mogensen. 

“Any country, started to work with manned space flights, shouldn’t stop it. I think that Kazakhstan has all the perspectives to continue this wonderful work” – said T.Mussabayev. 

“There are already 3 Kazakh cosmonauts and I think that is not the end of list with Kazakh cosmonauts” – he underlined. 

As the Chairman of the Aerospace committee stated, there is a chapter in Kazcosmos plans for the preparation of cosmonauts to fly in outer space. T. Mussabayev underlined high perspectives of Kazakh space program, as well fruitful completed actions. “The future is bright. For the 7,5 years we did a good step.”Kazcosmos” completed the work on the preparation of all ground infrastructure of space industry. These are ground control complexes for telecommunication spacecrafts, main and backup complexes, located in Almaty region and Akkol, Earth remote sensing systems. Satellites are being controlled by our specialists from the National space center” – T.Mussabayev. 

He stated, these specialists have a high education level, locally and abroad. 

Separately, T.Mussabayev underlined joint Kazakh-russian projects, which will allow Kazakhstan to move to next stage in space industry. 

“In Baikonur, together with Russia we are creating rocket-space complex Baiterek on the basis of Angara launch vehicle. This is completely new rocket-space complex, which will enable Kazakhstan to be a “launching” country. Today, there are 11 such countries in the world. Thus, Kazakhstan shall join this list in near future” – said the Chairman of Kazakh aerospace committee. 

Apart from that, he marked creation of the assembly, integration and testing complex of spacecrafts in Astana. 

“In fact, it is a large factory, where different purposes satellites will be manufactured, with all testing chain elements included” – T.Mussabayev informed. 

“There is no such complex in CIS countries. We will be the first” -  underlined the Chairman of Kazakh aerospace committee.

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