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The school of young cosmonauts is looking forward to meet with its teacher Aidyn Aimbetov

ASTANA. KAZINFORM  - «hot» days have been started for cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov  : meetings, speeches, interviews. After successful space flight and return to the Kazakhstan, the hours of People’s Heroe are scheduled by hour. «This is one more heavy workload than in space», - laughing Aidyn.

There were too much events over two weeks after coming back home: unforgettable meeting with the Head of State, awarding of valuable decoration of country – Gold Star  « Қазақстан Республикасының Халық Каһарманы» and order «Отан», report to Kazcosmos and Kazakhstan scientists resulted the scientific space program, meeting with colleagues from the Ministry of Defense of the RK and ten of meetings, interview. 

«I am still under the impression of meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev. His paternalism, attention, ease of communication just amazed me! I am happy and proud to honor this - join the number of our Kazakhstan cosmonauts and honorably perform the fifth space program of the RK», - shares А. Аimbetov. 

Talking about the future plans, cosmonauts Aimbetov has emphasized one more his readiness   

to work in the place his knowledge and experience needed.  

Dozens of meetings with schoolchildren, students, Kazcosmos specialists, journalists are expected for cousmonaut Aimbetov in the next few days. «My mentor, Head of Kazcosmos, iconic cosmonaut Talgat Mussabayev and me are planning to met with the representatives of Mass Media in the metropolitan Media center in Wednesday», - says А. Аimbetov. 

Aidyn keeps in his mind the creature as well – school of young cosmonauts (SYC) which has been created by him three years ago at metropolitan Schoolchildren’s Palace.    

Over three hundred children visited the SYK scientific– space study group visited within three years. Over 50 kids visited the classes which have been held by Aidyn Aimbetov three times a week. 

«I am sure that these guys would become cosmonauts-to-be and constructors-to-be of space technologies. As the main task of SYK is an education and career guidance of trainees in the interest of aerospace, education of morality and patriotism», - says А. Аimbetov. 

«As I still have tough time limit, and we did not start the class yet in this year. But I believe that we will continue this job and with great pleasure I will meet with my pupils and tell them about space based on my own experience and sentiments», - said cosmonaut Aimbetov.

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