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Kazakhstan trains the specialists for space industry

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Eurasian National University named after L.Gumilyov in the frame of SP FIID educated 80 specialists of space industry, said Minister for investment and development Asset Isekeshev. 

“ENU today prepares specialists for a new space industry, where we have two directions. This is  remote sensing – now we have 4 satellites, 2 out of them are remote sensing satellites. Second direction – it is a assembly, integration and testing complex of spacecrafts. We have never had such specialists, but we will have, right now 80 people enrolled in the new program in English language”, - stated A.Isekeshev. 

Total, according  to the head of the ministry, in RK in the frame of the SP FIID by 2020 more than 60 thousand specialists will be educated in the new format. Out of them, 19 thousand will have undergraduate degree. They will be educated under new training program 10 colleges and universities in RK, which were chosen earlier. “Each year it is necessary to train staff, so our industry will have highly educated specialists” – Minister concluded.

The Project «Creation of the Earth Remote Sensing Space System of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
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The Project «Creation of the Ground based Infrastructure of High-accuracy Satellite Navigation System»
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The Project «Creation of the Assembly and Testing Complex of the Engineering and Design Office of Space Technology» (ATC)
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TK 66
The Technical Committee of Standardization
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Space days in Kazakhstan
International seminar “Space days in Kazakhstan”, which is organized by JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” is devoted to the creation and operation of the Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ERS SS RK). The objective of the seminar: exchange of experience with the world leaders in ERS systems, informing of large public about possibility to apply products and services of ERS SS and HSNS of the Republic of Kazakhstan to solve industry problems of the economy of Kazakhstan.
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