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Members of Parliament had a meeting in the National space center of Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Members of Parliament were informed in general with the functioning of the NSC, which includes ground infrastructure of the Earth remote space system (ERS SS), high-accuracy satellite navigation system (HSNS). Reviewed construction process of the assembly, integration and testing complex of spacecrafts (AITC SC), visited working areas of the specialists of JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” in the flight control center of ERS spacecrafts and processing of satellite images. 

 Deputy Chairman of the Aerospace committee of MID RK Meirbek Moldabekov told to the Members of Parliament the development stage of space industry in the country. “Serious space infrastructure of the country was created, operation and effective use of which requires legal and law acts” – said M.Moldabekov to the Deputies. 

 With a high interest Members of the Deputies working group on making amendments and additions to the law on space activities listened the report of the acting president of JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” Marat Nurguzhin on application of space technologies for the interest of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particularly, he said about practical application of products and services of Kazakh ERS satellites for the all economy sectors.  

As it was pointed out by the vice-minister for investment and development (MID) RK Albert Rau, who participated in the meeting with deputies working group, law on space activities requires today significant amendments and additions and it is very important for law-makers to personally see the scale and possibilities of space technologies. 

“It is necessary to strengthen informational activities on space activities of Kazakhstan, in easy language to talk about possibilities of space technologies for the people, for the country, even for us for the deputies, many thing were new” – shared his experience member of the committee on ecology and environment issues of the Majilis of the Parliament of RK, chairman of the working group Tanirbergen Berdongarov during the visit to NSC

Chairman of the Committee on ecology and environment issues of the Majilis of the Parliament of RK Alexander Malutin as a result of visit to NSC stated, that Kazakhstan has a modern space infrastructure, which gives a chance to our country to be a member of space-faring nations in the world.
Head of Kazcosmos Talgat Mussabayev, in the end of the meeting with deputies thanked law-makers of the country for detailed attention to the space activities and support to the Aerospace committee on the way to create space industry of the country.   

As a result of the meeting deputies shared an opinion that improvement of the law on space activities is essential, since the accent in the existing legal document was made to the creation of space industry. “Now, we are talking about the effective use of space satellite systems, ground space infrastructure, which is obviously requires a respective legislative base” – stated Deputies. 



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