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Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan was fully accepted by the customer.

ASTANA.KAZINFORM – Delegation of JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” returned from business trip to Guildford (Great Britain), where final acceptance of the Earth remote sensing medium resolution spacecraft took place (MR ERS SC).   

As it was said to our agency by the head of delegation, acting president of  JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” Marat Nurguzhin, final acceptance occurred in British company SSTL – general subcontractor for medium resolution space system (MR SS) and work of the teams of Kazakh and British specialists for the last 6 years was summed up.   

As a result of MR SS acceptance it was defined that system productivity is equal to maximal characteristics, Kazakh operator represented by JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” controls MR ERS SC according to all operation rules.   

In accordance with the contract, ownership rights and risks for MR satellite were fully transferred to the Customer - JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary”, which leads to the commercial use of the satellite by the Customer. 

Additionally, non-commercial know-how license of MR system was transferred to the Customer,  what will allow Kazakh specialists to use contractor documentation to create ERS SS. 

Another important result is the agreement between JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” and SSTL, which states that English site committed during one year to purchase images from MR satellite, respective document was signed.   

We will remind that ERS SS includes two optical-electronic spacecrafts (SC): High spatial resolution (1 m) «KazEOSat-1», Medium spatial resolution (6,5м) «KazEOSat-2», as well as satellite ground control complex and ground dedicated complex for the ERS data acquisition, processing and dissemination to consumers. The first KazEOSat-1 Kazakhstan ERS satellite of High spatial resolution was accepted for operation in 2014 and is successfully operated in Orbit.    

The second KazEOSat-2 Kazakhstan ERS satellite of Medium spatial resolution had Experimental phase from October, 2015 and satellite came into the ownership of Kazakhstan now. 

During the meeting of Kazakhstan and Britain specialists in Guildford they have also discussed the issues regarding the technical support of MR SS after final acceptance,  insurance of «KazEOSat-2» SC, orbit correction training and others. 

ERS SS RK designed for independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in getting the rapid monitoring information of the country area, as well as acquisition of ERS data to solve problems of industrial economic, defense capability and national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan.     

As Acting President of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» Nurguzhin Marat noted that the final acceptance stage of MR SC means that the Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan entirely accepted by the customer and became the property of Kazakhstan.




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