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The Kazakhstan ERS satellites discovered the saxaul seedling in the Aral seabed

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The specialists of the JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" completed the implementation of project on inventory and assessment of the current state of saxaul plantations on the dried bottom of the Aral Sea. This was informed to our agency by  Project manager, engineer of Ground dedicated complexes Office of the Earth remote sensing space system Center (ERS SS) of the JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" Kanat Samarkhanov. 

"This is important environmental work was made possible by the United Nations Development Program in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was as an initiator and customer of this Project", - said K. Samarkhanov. 

As a result of the project implementation there were field surveys including a geobotanical field studies and interpretation of satellite images, the maps were made up for afforestation areas of the dried Aral seabed (ОДАМ).   

According to the results of these studies using the satellite images from KazEOSat- 1 satellite with a 1 meter spatial resolution, a real picture of saxaul plantations planted since 1988 was received. 

As Kanat Samarkhanov noted, the results of the Project allowed to clarify data on survival saxaul plantations, contributing to reduce the rate of salt and dust transfer from the ОДАМ territory to other regions of Kazakhstan. 

The specialists of the ERS SS Center have identified about 26 thousand hectares of the Kazakhstan dried part of the Aral seabed, where the plants and seedlings of black saxaul have been reserved that will allow to plan further environmental protection activities. 

The Project was successfully implemented by specialists of the JSC "NC"Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" jointly with experts from the UN Development Program in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and with the involved independent experts from the Institute of Botany of the MES RK as well and with the assistance of staff of SI" Kazalinsky institution for the protection of forests and fauna",  SI "Aral institution for the protection of forests and fauna",  SI " Barsakelmesky State Nature Reserve".






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