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The industrial laboratory of ENU named after Gumilyov L.N. is open in the National Space Center

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» (KGS) and Eurasian National University (ENU) named after Gumilyov L.N. have concluded the Agreement on creation of branch of the Department «Geodesy and Mapping» of ENU in the enterprise.  

As acting president of the JSC «NC «KGS» Marat Nurguzhin told to our agency that decision on the need of industrial laboratory in the National Space Center (NSC) was mutual. «As we have a common objective to train the qualified experts, scientific researches and implementation of their results in the production» - he said.  

20 bachelors and 8 master’s degree students of ENU Department «Geodesy and Mapping» named after Gumilyov L.N. will study in the industrial laboratory of the NSC.  

The special classroom which is located in the ERS SS Center will be equipped with the material and technical resources of the University and employees of the JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» with their scientific degree will teach the subjects on the Earth remote sensing (ERS) and geoinformation systems (GIS).    

The first class in two language groups devoted to introduction about functioning the Earth remote sensing space system (ERS SS) was given by leading engineer of spacecraft  mission planning group, Master Kerimkulov Zhandos. 

According to the opinion of young teacher who has already teaching experience the opening the industrial laboratory on the basis of the ERS Center is a requirement of the day. «All practical skills to be given to the Master’s degree students will be applicable for them to use our ERS space system, as nowadays the entrepreneurships and state bodies of the country require this kind of experts» - believes Kerimkulov Zh. 

To have a class in the NSC is not only an excellent chance for bachelor’s and master’s degree students themselves to practice their skills, and to conduct the scientific researches of the latest space technologies which will be further used in the production as well. As it is entirely possible for them to be employed in this entrepreneurship after their graduation.   





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