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The State Commission completes acceptance of Kazakh satellite "KazEOSat-2"

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – The State Commission comprising of the specialists from Aerospace committee MID RK, Emergency committee MIA RK, Kazcosmos enterprises, JV “Ghalam” is finishing the acceptance of medium resolution Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MR ERS SS), reports Kazcosmos press-office.     

MR ERS SS includes KazEOSat-2 spacecraft with spatial resolution 6.5 m, and ground control and image processing complex in Astana. 

Kazakh ERS satellite KazEOSat-2 was manufactured by the British company “SSTL”, prime contractor of the French company «Airbus Defence & Space».  

In the frame of the meeting, the State commission studied work conditions and using capabilities of ERS satellite for the economy of Kazakhstan. 

“Last 3 months since commissioning, KazEOSat-2  satellite is working in operational mode” – reported to commission members acting president of JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” Marat Nurguzhin.    

JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” (KGS) specialists talked to commission members about how ERS SS data and services are being promoted. 

“Existing agreement between KGS and SSTL shows that British company during first year from commissioning, will obligatory purchase images from medium resolution satellite, this gives us an opportunity for successful start” – underlined M.Nurguzhin. 

To sum up results of commission, deputy chairman of Kazcosmos, chairman of State commission on acceptance of MR ERS SS Meirbek Moldabekov marked, that KGS upon receiving the ownership right and risks for the KazEOSat-2 satellite should effectively use it for commercial purposes.   

Upon ending of first meeting, the State commission signed review protocol. The final acceptance of MR ERS SS is expected in April 2016. 

ERS SS includes two optics-electronic spacecrafts (SC): KazEOSat-1 high spatial resolution 1 m, KazEOSat-2 medium spatial resolution 6.5 m, also ground control complex and ground dedicated complex for receiving, processing and dissemination of ERS data to final users. 

First ERS Kazakh satellite KazEOSat-1 high spatial resolution was commissioned in June 2015, second ERS Kazakh satellite medium spatial resolution was transferred to the ownership of Kazakhstan in December last year. 

Currently, both ERS spacecrafts are fully operational, acquiring Earth images 24 hours a day. 

For instance, during 24 hour KazEOSat-1 could acquire up to 220 sq.km., KazEOSat-2 up to 1 mln.sq.km. Since operational, more than 150 mln.sq.km of space images were acquired. The majority of images stored in the unique archive of KGS, part was transferred to the customers – Ministry of agriculture of RK, Ministry of Defense of RK, EC MIA RK and others. 

ERS SS RK is aimed to provide independency in acquiring of fast monitoring information of the territory of the country, as well as acquisition of ERS data to solve economy issues, defense and national security, marks Kazcosmos press-office. 





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