The Project «Creation of the Ground based Infrastructure of High-accuracy Satellite Navigation System»

The purpose of the Project

Laying the groundwork for guaranteed reception of qualitative coordinate-time and navigation services by users of information of global navigation satellite systems (hereinafter - GNSS) in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» is aimed at creating an integrated navigation field throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 According to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan №721 dated 31.05.2012 the JSC «NC «KGS»  is defined as a National operator of the High accuracy satellite navigation system to accomplish the tasks of providing satellite navigation services throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the Project «Creation of Ground based infrastructure of the High-accuracy satellite navigation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan» will allow to perform the following tasks:

-   creation of ground based  infrastructure and distribution for consumers of differential updating information, the use of which will provide users of system with enhancing the accuracy of coordinate definitions to the required level;

·   monitoring of satellite radio navigation systems in order to timely warning users of operational disorder;

-  certification, testing, verification, calibration of satellite navigation equipment, as well as attestation of measurement techniques;

-   creation of  a pilot production of navigation equipment for the development of navigation systems and ensuring their competitiveness in the world market of navigation services.

 Implementation period 2008 – 2015 years

The project is being implemented by the High-accuracy  Satellite Navigation System Center of the JSC «NC «KGS»  (the team of HSNS RK Project)

The primary areas of application of the High-accuracy Satellite Navigation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

·         precise mapping and geodesy;

·         land management and cadastre;

·         agriculture;

·         all-weather high-accuracy navigation;

·         provision of construction works;

·         traffic control systems and route optimization;

·         monitoring of bridges, dams, buildings, dikes and other structures requiring monitoring of deformations

·         recording systems of rail track deformation (additions are required to enable full path geometry measurement);

·         fixing the deformation of the earth's crust;

·         laying of lines of underground communications

·         tracing power lines, oil/gas pipelines using geoinformation systems and technologies;

·         geological exploration, geological development and pits

·         national security and others.



·         State structures;

·         Scientific institutions;

·         Commercial organizations.


Current state.


Center of Differential Correction and Monitoring.

The Center for Differential Correction and Monitoring was put into operation.














Differential stations network

A network of 60 differential stations has been established and is functioning, which are installed throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



карта - копия

·          Put into operation 2014 year

·         60 differential stations

·         2 mobile differential stations


The resulting positional accuracy

·         DGPS service 1 m in real time for  94 %  of the territory of the RK

·         RTK service   2 cm in real time for 18 % of the territory of the RK

·          РР service < 1 см in the post processing mode



Subscription price

Annual - 270  thousand tenge                              Monthly - 25 thousand tenge                               

Advantages of using our services

2-fold increase in labor productivity

 4 times saving of work time


Marine local differential station

For the purpose of ensuring the safety of navigation of ships, the Marine Local Differential Station is installed at approaches and maneuvers in the harbor area on the shore of the Caspian Sea. MLDS is put into operation and operates in normal mode.


Put into operation 2014 year.                                 Radius of action - 300 km.

2 m accuracy of positioning at sea

1 m accuracy of positioning in the coastal zone


Subscription price

Annual - 240 thousand tenge                               Monthly - 25 thousand tenge                              


Laboratory to asses compliance of satellite navigation hardware

A conformity assessment laboratory was created. The technical capabilities of the laboratory equipment allow to verify the navigation and frequency-time characteristics of navigation equipment. Accreditation of the laboratory is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2015.





Мobile differential station

A mobile differential station, the equipment of which is installed on a mobile platform (vehicle), functions for the coordinate-time and navigation support of consumers in regions not covered by the zone of operation of the differential stations of the HSNS RK.


The monitoring system for spatially extended objects (MSSEO)

The activities on the creation of a monitoring system for spatially extended objects are being completed. At present, the JSC «NC «KGS»  carries out work on monitoring the spatial position, elastic and inelastic deformations, as well as relative displacement of the elements of the automobile bridge across the railway on the Alash highway in Astana.


MSSEO is designed for automated monitoring of deformations and displacements::

•      hydraulic structures (dams, dikes);

•      bridges, road overpasses;

•      high-rise buildings and structures;

•      oil platforms and equipment;

•      when developing mining deposits.


The system provides the fulfillment of the main tasks:

•    Monitoring object stability by positional measurements;

•    synchronous with positional measurements, registration of wind and temperature loads, as well as traffic intensity for revealing the correlation of design reactions to external impacts;

•    obtaining in real time information about critical parameters of the object and its elements;

•    storage of information on the behavior and condition of this bridge structure..



Pilot production of navigation equipment

The activities on the creation of a pilot production of navigation equipment  are in progress. The start of series production is scheduled for the 2nd half of 2015.


 Types of output products:

•        DS – base station of GLONASS/GPS

•        Rovers –navigation equipment of the consumer (NAP) of high accuracy of the geodetic class

•        CNT –navigation equipment of the consumer for use in vehicle monitoring systems and in the emergency call system for accidents and catastrophes GPS-GLONASS (Kazakhstan analogue of the Russian ERA-GLONASS system)

•        CNR – general purpose of GLONASS-GPS




•   High content of Kazakhstan

•   The cost is lower than the analogs up to 30%

•   Availability of domestic developments

•   Own network of DS for the Rover operations

•   The only production in Astana 

Production capacity, pcs / year

Up to 100 – DS

Up to 200 – Rovers

Up to  1000 – CNR – Emergency call system for accidents and catastrophes and general purposes




HSNS RK services



Service description


Provision of updating information (UI) to GNSS signals.


Provision of UI in DGPS mode (meter accuracy).


Provision of UI in RTK mode (centimeter accuracy).


Provision of UI in РР mode (post processing) (milometer accuracy).


Provision of UI in RTK, DGPS и РР modes using the mobile DS (MDS).


Provision of UI in DGPS mode (meter accuracy)  with marine local DS (MLDS).


Monitoring and dispatching of mobile objects (vehicles).


Monitoring of spatially extended objects (deformational monitoring of bridges, dams, dikes, high-rise buildings and facilities and etc.).


 Testing and verification of satellite navigation equipment (SNE).


Testing of SNE


Verification of SNE.


Geodetic works based on satellite navigation technologies


 Providing parameters for the conversion of coordinates from WGS-84 to another coordinate system


Recalculate the coordinates of one point from WGS-84 to another coordinate system.


Topographical and geodetic services.


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