The Project «Creation of the Ground based Infrastructure of High-accuracy Satellite Navigation System»

Mission of the project - The provision of conditions for the guaranteed reception of qualitative real time-coordination and navigation services by consumers in Kazakhstan.

Goals of the project

  • Installation of the infrastructure and distribution of differential correcting information to the users of the system that provides demanded level of co-ordinate definitions accuracy;
  • Monitoring of the satellite radio navigation systems for the purpose of providing consumers with timely information about inappropriate work of the systems.

The basic scopes of High-accuracy Satellite Navigation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - HSNS RK)

  • Global all-weather navigation;
  • Management of transportation streams;
  • Optimization of routes; Traffic control systems;
  • Maintenance of passengers’ safety;
  • Precise mapping and geodesy;
  • Land management and cadastre;
  • Support of construction works;
  • Decreasing the time span needed for search and rescue operations;
  • Agriculture;
  • National safety;
  • and so on.

International Cooperation within the project of creation of High-Accuracy Satellite Navigation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1There was made a decision of the International Organization Committee EUPOS to accept JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" as a member of International Organization EUPOS (European Position Determination System).

EUPOS is the International Cooperation of Organizations of the countries of the Central and East Europe. Its purpose is to implement and use multifunctional global ground based differential navigation satellite system for the countries of the Central and East Europe that consists of national segments and that uses associated standards.

2HSNS RK Project was presented to the worldwide society within the seminars regarding applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems which were held under the direction of the United Nations, the International Committee on GNSS, the European Space Agency, the United States of America and Azerbaijan Republic.

Time-frame for the realization of the project - 2008-2012

Current Situation:

  • «BISAM - Central Asia» LLP prepared a report based on the results of the marketing research of internal market of navigation equipment of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the HSNS RK project.
  • "Zhaksaru" LLP is running a marketing research on appropriateness of creation of model production of navigation equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The pilot project within the HSNS RK project was developed and approved.
  • The feasibility study of the HSNS RK project is under industrial appraisal.
  • Navigation measurements in different modes of coordinate-time assurance were held.
  • The National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of the JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary" signed the Minutes of the working meeting of the representatives of the Intergovernmental radio-navigation program of the CIS countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia) for the period till 2012.
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The Project «Creation of the Ground based Infrastructure of High-accuracy Satellite Navigation System»
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Space days in Kazakhstan
International seminar “Space days in Kazakhstan”, which is organized by JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary” is devoted to the creation and operation of the Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ERS SS RK). The objective of the seminar: exchange of experience with the world leaders in ERS systems, informing of large public about possibility to apply products and services of ERS SS and HSNS of the Republic of Kazakhstan to solve industry problems of the economy of Kazakhstan.
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